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Experience Berlin in a culinary tour

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Culinary tour thru Berlin

We show you the tasty side of Berlin

BERLIN is a jungle of culinary food concepts like Restaurants, Streetfood, Fast Food or Food trucks distributed in all boroughs of this city. The culinary tour will help you through the jungle of food.

The 4 dishes that you can choose is vegan or vegetarian food, Berlin´s best Curry Wurst, Thai Food, Burger & Steaks, Arabian Food (veggie or meat), Garlic flavoured dishes, Veggie Fast Food, French-Indonesian Food, Coffee and Croissants, Mexican Snacks, Raw food (not cooked), Italian homemade Food, German Food, Korean Food and Distilleries or local Craft Breweries. We also knew some places where you can get the best homemade cakes, maybe ever.

All dishes are small and prepared for you just to get a taste of it and being ready for the next experience. The Guides are professional Chefs. They and the owner explain the secret of the home made dishes.

Join us and you will never forget what Berlin taste like.